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video marketing

There are millions of untapped customers that simply cannot be reached in traditional ways with traditional resources. Video content is no exception. Pursuing a distribution and marketing strategy that aligns with your goals can open up new revenue streams, increase traffic to your website, build a more widely known and influential brand, and tap into previously unreachable customer bases.

Our distribution strategies can help build awareness of emerging programs and brands to an existing audience, or help evangelize your message to a new, broader audience. By maintaining a high degree of control over the presentation of your online video content, you can accurately target and deliver your message to the right viewer at the right time.

We establish your brand on major video sharing sites with a consistent message and design. We then optimize and market your video using industry leading video optimization (VSEO) techniques and distribute it across your newly created online profiles. This allows users to see your videos on sites that they already use while simultaneously making it easier for them to discover you on the search engines like Google.
  • Online Video Discovery

    44% - discover randomly
    43% - via sharing
    43% - via video websites
    39% - via search engines
    27% - via marketing email
    04% - via RSS & MRSS feeds
  • Did You Know?

    Video SEO can increase search engine performance by over 500%.