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video analytics

We present you a real-time reporting (Analytics) of your video campaign, on a 24/7 basis. The viewership and engagement analytics include streams, time-watched, audience geography, completion rates and much more.

Total Views and Viewed Minutes

It provides an aggregated report of total views for each of your videos.

Top Videos

See which videos have received the most total views and viewed minutes.


See how long users are viewing each individual video - down to the second.

Attention Span

See what percentage of users are viewing for 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds, and so on.

Geographic Tracking

Determine where your viewers are located around the world.

Search Terms

Learn which search terms are being used to locate your videos. See which terms are generating the most views and viewed minutes.

Syndication Tracking

See which sites across the Internet your videos have been embedded on and track total views and viewed minutes generated by each of these sites.

Traffic Sources

Learn which sites are driving views of your videos. See total views and viewed minutes by referring site for each of your videos.

Stream Quality

Track the quality of your video delivery from the perspective of the viewer. See the total number of re-buffers.

Campaign Reporting

Se all of the analytics mentioned above, as well as detailed insight into the performance of their campaigns. We provide data on total impressions, views, completion rates, social actions and much more.
  • Our VideoSEO Practices

    - Multiple Video Formats
    - Keywords in the Filename
    - Metadata title, author, date, description
    - Google Video Sitemaps
    - MRSS Feed Syndication
    - Closed Captions Integration
  • Did You Know?

    Internet users prefer to see product and marketing videos on brand sites.